Women Bodyfitness (also A Level)

This concept has been introduced by the IFBB, in 2002,in response to the increasing demand for competitions for women who prefer to develop a less muscular, yet athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique without the routine rounds. In Women Bodyfitness, the emphasis is placed on a shapely, athletic-looking physique, assessed by comparisons of four quarter turns and individual “I-walking” presentations. In all rounds judges should assess the overall athletic appearance of the physique, taking into account symmetrically developed physique, muscle tone and shape, with a small amount of body fat, as well as the hair, makeup and individual style of presentation, including personal confidence, poise and grace. There are four body height categories: 158 cm, 163 cm, 168 cm and over 168 cm.

Women’s Bikini-Fitness (also A Level)

This category has been introduced in 2011 and is aimed at women who keep their body in shape and eat healthy. Overall body lines, balance and proportions, body tone and healthy appearance are taken into consideration. The emphasis is on a well-shaped, fit, healthy and attractive appearance, similar to that of models. Competitors are assessed in two rounds, wearing a two-piece bikini and high-heels : quarter-turns and individual “I-walking” presentations. There are eight body-height categories nowadays: 158 cm, 160 cm, 162 cm, 164 cm, 166 cm, 169cm, 172 cm and over 172 cm.

Women’s Physique

This IFBB division was introduced with the beginning of 2013 for women who want to prepare heavier, bodybuilding-style body but not extremely dried, lean and muscular, yet athletic and aesthetically pleasing. This sport is placed somewhere between Bodyfitness and former Women Bodybuilding which has been removed from the IFBB list of official sports in 2013.Competitors are expected to present the overall athletic development of the musculature but also balanced and symmetrical development of all muscle groups as well their sport condition and quality, with visible separation between them. There are 3 rounds : quarter turns and four compulsory poses in round 1, compulsory poses and the posedown in round 2 and a short, 30-second posing routine to music of competitor’s choice in round 3. There are two categories in this division: up to 163 cm and over 163 cm.

Women’s Wellness Fitness

The Wellness Fitness division is intended for women who prefer a muscular physique without muscle separation, athletic and aesthetically pleasing, with a bigger body mass than in Bikini Fitness. Assessing of the physique, judging criteria and rounds are the same like Women’s Bikini Fitness. Vertical proportions (legs to upper body length) are ones of the key factors. Horizontal proportions (hips and waist to shoulder width) may favor women with a bit bigger hips, thighs and buttocks. There are four categories: up to 158 cm, up to 163 cm; up to 168 cm and over 168 cm.